It’s been a while, but…..

Thanks to a spill on the old laptop, I was out of action for a while, plus which it has been a busy time. The new ‘lappy’ is much better in that it has a battery…. but feeding the 12-volt house supply to it will be a puzzler…..

The good, busy bit involved interviewing a couple of kiwi ‘icons’, for my column in Lifestyle Block / Growing Today magazine. No names yet – buy the September copy folks!   but it was a special day – I couldn’t help thinking about Maurice Shadbolt describing his “smash and grab raid on history”, talking of his interviews of Gallipoli veterans. I’m not in that class, but I felt a bit honoured, and regard the tapes as precious cargo. What I can actually scrunch down into a mere 1600 words, for general consumption, is another thing.

Sad to see the ODT / Chris Morris treatment of the Theresa Stephenson apology thing. Good investigative journalism would have done a comparative with the Personal Disclosure amentment process. Dropped ball, that man.

On a positive note, the last three Sundays with Chris Laidlaw, have been wee crackers. Eachone has touched on the real subject, and well. We have touched on carbon charges (but not the fact that there is insufficient ‘sink’ on the planet, for our current output) and on ‘overshoot’, with even more extreme proportions that I use. I typically speak of outstripping the planet’s ability to supply, by a factor of three. Either side of the equation, that there are three time the supportable number of people on the planet, or that we are using up things at three time the sustainable rate. The fellow Chris interviewed today talked of 6 to 8 times overshoot. Tack ‘doubling time’ into that and we are at the end, no question. We are now running up a ‘down’ escalator slower and slower, as it gets faster and faster. No way out of that model.

The next things he should tackle are : absolute, immutable limits (as in the RMA, and permanent ‘no-go’ areas), and population (both a top limit for NZ, and for the world).

I’ve got a trite wee letter to the (ODT) Editor in – I noticed that the invite to the upcoming DCC Forum has Jim Harland speaking first about growth initiatives, followed by Tony Avery explaining their approach to sustainability. Structural dyslexia? True cognitive dissonance? Or just the left hand / right hand thing?  Says it all, really, as my letter will, if it sees the light of day. It would be fascinating to see the rejection / acceptance proportions for letters about the Stadium, and the Theresa Stephenson spin-off. And, as importantly, their release timing. I noticed a flood of ‘anti-staduim letters, AFTER crucial decisions…… hard to know.

For the first time ever, I had an article taken unedited, although maybe the ‘Hvalsey Church’ one was ‘uncut’, but it was much shorter, 600 words vs 1100 this time, for the Lorax piece. Actually, when I think about it, the heading was changed: my original was simply : Who plays Lorax?    which I think better suits what I was on about, but then, the writer always thinks his/her words are the best! For out-of-Dunedin-ites, google ODT then ‘opinion’, then ‘vote Lorax for PM’…..

The next ones will be on whistleblowing, and on the structural failure of the University heirarchy structure. Hey, Im not known for picking on someone my own size…..everyone knows that…..

Wasn’t Key pathetic towards the end of the week – out come some slightly more negative results that expected (neither here nor there, really) but he troth out the same old – and proportionally inconsequential – ideas of ‘savings in bureaucracy’, da da da…..  He even sounded weasry. They must be struggling about now – a no-think ideology has just come up against reality, and the no-think people are now out of their depth. Surprise, surprise!

Interesting to see Earthrace joining Sea Shepherd – there is a very strong, very staunch Kiwi. It’s sort of the blue-collar version of what Sir Peter Blake was about. I’m very sure that physical largeness (sea, tundra, deserts, mountains) instills a mental largeness, whether because of it giving one a sense of personal insignificance, or a broad canvas on which to paint, I’m not sure. Maybe a combination. Go, that man.


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