So they are tackling climate change head-on. Next generation. 2050 is so conveniently far away, nothing need happen for a decade – or two. By which time we have social chaos, wars, population crash- it will be the least of our worries – something my last few years of research has made clear.

The big problem they have, is that their money is no longer underpinned by anything. Folk like me, realise that energy is required for EVERYTHING. So many folk think (think?) that somehow buildings and cars and ‘things’, just happen. Out of thin air, as it were. Actually, they all needed energy to make, and that is all a finite natural resource. The underpinning of all ‘wealth’, then, has to be energy – you’re buggered without it. Meaning that it is probably the only currency worth contemplating.

The nutters (the economists and politicians) will continue to issue money, to kick-start a motorbike with a tank now firmly turned to ‘reserve’. This means that cash (and maybe debts, to a certain extent) will be worth less, which when you run those words together, says worthless. Real Estate, and energy will be the best bets, unless we go Mad Max (survival of the fittest) .

Which means: clear your debt, put your cash into something that might stay valuable (needed, rather than wanted) and think about real things. Food, water, shelter, friends, community. My read on the timetable? Be sorted by 2012, but I won’t be liable for your problems if it happens sooner!

The good folk at The Oil Drum have been pointing out the connect between oil supply and economics for years, pity economists don’t get taught reality!

The G8, of course, will pursue ‘economic growth’, jointly and severally. People will believe them, because they want to. We will give it one more heave – not back to 2008 levels, but an ‘up’. Then, we will run into the brick wall again – starved of fuel supply. I wonder whether anyone will get to understand the nature of the beast, before it devours them.

When will they ever learn.


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