tim groser nick smith. and a hiding to nothing

Jennie and I went to a Climate Change meeting last night. They obviously underestimated the number who would show up – the Skeggs Gallery was packed to overflowing.

The biggest message of the night was the number of youngsters there – perhaps half, and the fact that they seemed to be University based. The firepower was remarkable, ant there was more potential there than is evident on both Parliamentary front benches.

Nick Smith, who had looked all confident sleaze pre-election, looked like a boxer on the wrong end of things, round about round 8. Perhaps it was the gathering – as he said, it was doubtful anyone there voted National. Perhaps, though, the awful truth is beginning to dawn on them. The fact that Blue Green is horse-poo. The fact that energy is required to do everything, and that it is now (and forever) in short supply. That that short supply is why China is stockpiling Australian coal – valleys full if it. Why Australia is boosting it’s Defence spend so significantly. They might just be looking over the precipice, and not liking the view. Can’t blame them, really.

Then there is Groser. The robotic technocrat. All numbers, way out of his depth, no perspective. And, tellingly, no staying around afterwards. Condescending too, stupid considering the calibre of the audience – but then, it goes with the territory, you gotta be stupid not to get it.

Then there was Gerry Eckoff (ex ACT MP, known locally as j…off) lending deaf ears to the proceedings. Said he was a practicing farmer – to which I hollered the obvious comment (You’ll get better at it!).

The saddest failure of the night – entirely predictably – was the ODT. There were two meetings that night, 300 at our one, 150 at one where retailers were complaining about parking charge changes. I ask you, which subject is the more serious? The ODT put parking woes on the front page, and buried the Climate Change on page 4 (small paras on an inner left-hand page, without photo, are ‘buries’).

Morning Report also picked up on the parking issue. We who see the big, finite, physics picture, have long tried to understand the lack of comprende from the media – Associate Prof Bob Lloyd even examined ‘cognitive dissonance’ in a lecture on Peak Oil last year. He acknowledged he was a little out of his field of expertise, but you had to think these things after so much deafening silence. He had a point – I had invited two ODT senior staffers, told them the lecture was “a Titanic to their deckchairs”. They failed to show.

Groser and Smith have a philosophy-backed agenda, and were clearly going through the motions (public consultation) before announcing the nudge-nudge strategy. It will be a wishy-washy fudge (after you, after everyone, no compromise to ‘the economy’, late entry, don’t hurt the farmers). It will be overtaken by events.

There is simply not the carbon-sink on the planet, to support our current output, or anything like it. The further we go down all the paths we are going down, the worse it gets, and the less our options. Testicularly, Smith and Groser reminded me of Hitler.

We wait, we weep.

Sorry, kids. We tried.


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