Mondays Thoughts

Keywords: Tim Groser, Al Morrison, Jim Bolger, The Panel, Unemployment.

What a great day for solar houses! We’re currently reading 30.8 deg upstairs, 26 downstairs, 0.1 outside – already. Cracked blocks, here we come!  We’ll go through the night with no artificial heating, and I expect tonight to be colder than last night’s -2.4.

A little Rebecca Fox article in the ODT today, tucked (as it usual with this and related topics) away on page 4. Groser, so-called Minister of Conservation, managed to mention ‘the economy’, and ‘economics’, 9 times in the short spiel. He is either an entire idiot, or so indoctrinated in the fiscal religion, he can’t see the wood for the trees. So to speak. I don’t quite buy the former option, although I think he belongs to the vast majority of middle-class western society, who are in complete denial whenever you suggest their way of life is  in trouble. Al Morrison’s tongue was out, and it looked more brown than green. These two are foxes in the chicken house, which would be of concern if they werent looking down the barrel. The emptying one.

A contrasting breath of fresh air was Jim Bolger, interviewed on RNZ, early this arvo.  Hard to imagine he would like ‘Wild Thing, and ‘Danny Boy” as music choices, but the revealing thing was the intellect – he actually understands the energy dilemma, understands the impossibility of exponential growth. Has to be a good man to have in decision-making arenas, as we go down the backside of the Hubbert Curve.

The Panel, a classic example of western middle-class deckchair-debaters, got on to unemployment today – way off the planet, as you’d expect. First, they don’t question what employment is. Our ’40 hours a week’ concept, applies to perhaps 1 billion people on the planet. There are 7 billion present, the bottom 2.5 billion (or so) spend every waking moment just scrabbling to survive. Worse, those of us in the 1 billion, get there by standing on the heads of the others – as in Nigeria. There, Shell (who we support every time we fill our tank) orchestrate a corrupt regime, which keeps the indigenous people (and who else owned the resource?) repressed. Read poor. Really, as I’ve stated in previous blogs, there is only enough resource on the planet for two billion people, at a lesser standard than we enjoy currently. Perhaps one billion at our current standard. Exponential expansion of population, and consumption-per-head of that population, means we are at the shock-point now, it was always going to hit us fast, compound compound tends to do that. To listen to three ‘experts’ talking of recovery (two of them have been sent the basis of my contention) makes you weep. So little time to waste.

What you can predict, is that as energy gets scarce, manual labour will be in demand. It doesn’t go near replacing the kilowattage of oil, of course, but it should hit the obesity epidemic in the solar complexus.

Groser, meantime, thinks that we only use 5% of our water, the rest goes to the sea. If we could only use another 5%, he says, we could export it in value-added form. Water-blown chicken, whatever. What a sad little brain. Perhaps Darwin was wrong after all…………………..


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