cockles commons Roger Belton, John Banks, Alan Bollard

Well, that was a backwards day. Otago Harbour cockles will be take ‘experimentally’ (sounds like Japanese whaling) for three years, with two more years a possibility. Lots of dollars into the local economy, says Mr Belton from? France. Yeah right.  Who audited and audits the Blueskin Bay take? Last I heard, Belton’s outfit audited itself. NIWA does it for Golden Bay and Pelorus…….

Who ‘owns’ the cockles?  This is just another example of ‘the commons’ being taken from the public domain, in the name of social wealth, but in reality for private, and temporary, wealth. What is the royalty?

John Banks, getting given airtime as he hollers for a $150,000 limit for Mayoral Campaign spending. Given that he will run, and benefit from the change if it happens, means he should have been the last one interviewed – it’s called ‘vested interest’. Shame on you, Morning Report!

And Alan Bollard – does he know? Is he just straight-batting in the conventional game, so as not to look stupid? Yes, the housing bubble is not to be repeated, but to say there will be a recovery from ‘the recession’ in a year or two, is either naieve, or disingenuous. He ought to know about energy and activity – presumably  he needs to keep filling his tank, to keep driving.

The announcement that the American debt would top 1 trillion, is food for thought, if not for some in the third world.  The Chinese will be worried, much of their equity is in American bonds, and if their equity is worthless…….. it’s the game of musical chairs. They may find their wealth is largely numbers on paper – hard to swallow, either way. I’ve always picked a scrap between those two, as resources deplete, and picked it as first cab off the rank, well before ClimateChange.


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