Key platitudes, ODT wrongly accused

Well, John Key told a business crowd today, that he had a list of things . Productivity gains. Last I heard, you had efficiencies, or you had varying degrees of slavery. Efficiencies are a law of diminishing returns – a useful contribution as a part of the picture, but no end in itself. Slavery – lower wages, are no use in a shrinking game either, only result of them is a relativity thing – rich vs poor.

He will remove red tape, bureaucracy, trash the RMA, alter tax (drop the top rate, you bet) and nothing will get better. The question is;  Will they have to come clean about groiwth and energy, in his time?  or the next term? Goff won’t be any more keen to be the messenger than Key, but by 2012/2013, someone will have to state the obvious. Philip Sherry, perhaps?

The ODT had a letter-to-the-editor today, one Paul Harris (I know him not) complaining about the left-wingness of Simon Cunliffe. Now, I get frustrated with the man too. I feed him my stuff, and hope a man in his position will feed it to society, so we can get cracking. Maybe he thinks he does – he’s certainly a man of heart, brain and concience. Then he comes out with the ‘worlds the kid’s oyster’ optimism, and I want to scream. Well, yell loudly. So he’s soft, and Labour? That would have been fantastic about 20 years ago, but we’re out of time now. The Harris person, is right () off the planet. I wonder what folk like that will do when  the crunch comes. Probably say it was all the environmentalist’s fault.

That’s it for tonight. A tame post for the 100th, but there it goes. I’ve got a couple of articles to research and get out, one on food, one on growth being a ponzi, one on windmills……


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