A chap I respect……

Reg Harris passed away in June. We met him on the beach at Airlie, ten years ago. Jaryd had bought a coil of lacing wire at Silly Solly’s for $2. and was hawking short lengths to yachties for 50c a piece. Just another 10 year old entrepreneur. All along the beach, particularly on Saturdays, catamarans would park up, and the Saturday Markets were a walk away, easy re-foddering! Along from us, was a cat called ‘Capricorn Magic’, and Jaryd tried his sales pitch there. Reg and Lola bought some wire, plied him with cokes and more, and we found some friends. They came and based off us as tourists later, and in recent times, we have tracked Reg’s fight with cancer.

He was like me – one who works to live, rather than lives to work. And, I suspect, never regretted it. Jaryd got to see him a year ago, at Rainbow Beach, and Ish had visited them some time earlier. Reg was one of those good role models you enjoy seeing your kids assimilate, and we’ll miss him. It’s a reminder to live, and live well. May the Sou’easter always blow a steady 20, Reg, and thank you, as a parent and as a friend, for the Magic.


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