Don Brash – the great leap backward

This will be interesting. Hide has set Brash to propose how we will live at the level of Australians. Odd, really. Folk in my circles, think Australia is on a hiding to nothing. She has to commit suicide by coal sales, she is losing water and aquifers, she won’t have energy soon, she is further apart per person than anywhere, and she is nervous as hell about a Chinese invasion (hence the defence budget hikes).

The scary thing about the Brash interview (checkpoint) was his mention of water resources. Tim Groser (conservation Minister – yeah Right) made the same noises. Clearly, desperate men, desperate times, desperate clutching at straws.

Note that Bill English fronted up (wonder if it was my comments on Morning Report?) now, and it’s not privatisation. Bollocks, it’s not. This is the plundering of the commons, made all the more urgent because all of them have to be worth less – much less – than they were a year ago. For folk like me, that’s a ho-hum. For them, it’s ego, and life. Must be quite scary.

It will be interesting, from an observer point of view, to see how Brash equates levelling us with Australia, while holding true to his kind’s creed – stomping on others to make themselves seen bigger. More important. Something like that. Can’t be done, so it will have to be smoke and mirrors. Due by October – but my sites suggest we may (globally) be going down by then. A little case of more derivatives to unwind…….


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