Well well well, I saw it . That which I knew I’d see as it had to happen. Bit like Andrews knowing the Titanic would go down, then waiting for the deniers and disbelievers to ‘get it’. He knew they would, and it would have given him little satisfaction. Two hours later, he was dead.

Bob Lloyd did it – Associate Prof of Energy Studies, Otago Uni. He hit them with Peak Oil, and the correlation between energy and economics. They looked punch-drunk. The Ceo of the DCC, Jim Harland, did a summing-up at the end, and he seemed ‘drained’. For those of us who have been there for thirty years, it is all ho-hum. For the likes of Julian Smith, it must undermine much of what they have taken for granted, for life.

A sad spin’off, may be that a fair section of the Green movement may be too ‘small’ in their thinking, to get on board. Maybe I’m wrong. What would be very exciting, is if the business community put it’s collective abilities to the wheel.

Peering ahead, I see non or lower income ratepayers (nonratepayers?) doing things in return for Council services – a few days on a shovel, a broom, or wider, looking after an older person, buddy-style.

The split in Councillors who were appropriate, versus those who are past their use-by date, is very clear. The ones who were there, are the ones who are thinking. Cull, Staynes, Butcher, Wilson and Stephenson were there. That’s about right, really. The rest have to go. Obsolete mindsets, to put it politely. Arrogant ignorance en group, to put it less so.


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