Key the Terrorist?

Just who are the terrorists. If you buy Shell fuel, you support what happens in Nigeria. That’s terrorism. What we did (were part of) in Vietnam, was terrorism. What we do by buying from China, supports the continuance of the regime which gave us the Tiannemen Square massacre. Recently, a thought-provoking Sunday Theatre movie explored a fellow who had bought internet child porn. His wife – rightly – pointed out that if people like him didn’t create the market, the porn wouldn’t be proferred.  Same goes with much we buy. It’s just too convenient, and removed, to make the connection.

Afghanistan is really a no-win strategic nightmare, but one jigsaw piece in the oil-ownership puzzle. Helen Clark saw this clearly, and our approach to date has been impeccable. Key is not (is he really IQ132?) in that league. We will now go back to the level of idiocy seen in the Holyoake platitudes during Vietnam (not as bad as LBJ, but!) and perhaps we go back to the ‘”Where England goes, we go”, of the Savage (or was it Fraser?) era.

Once described by a McGillicuddy Serious Party candidate as “the grrreat leap backward”. Sad but true.


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