Nick Smith. Tim Hunter. Dene McKenzie . Dissonance…

Until we get the physics, and the exponential maths, across through the likes of Tim Hunter (Sunday Star Times ) and Dene Mckenzie ( Otago Daily Times ) to the general public so they can influence the likes of Nick Smith, we are stuffed.

Believe me, I’ve tried. Stonewall. Silence. Nothing comes out the other end. Why? Well, maybe they don’t want to believe anything that awful. Maybe they are ‘economics’ trained – it’s fatally flawed as a discipline, due to not accounting for a finite planet, or for exponential expansion, or for habitat/biosphere realities.

You have to be brave, of course. Reasearched. Sure of your ground. Before you go out on a limb as a business editor, given the circles you have to keep ‘in’ with. Does that give them an excuse for the silence, though?

No. Douglas Reed (Insanity Fair, Jonathan Cape, 1938) was that brave, that researched, that sure of his ground. He’d done it by living in Germany, and intelligently projecting what he was seeing, to a disbelieving readership (and Editorship) back in England. In a world of great reporters, he is my hero. We need another.(s).

Actually, we have one, somewhere. National Radio and the recent Earthwatch series. The last episode. Come on, you others. Time’s up!

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