Wednesday’s thoughts

I’m not particularly inspired to comment politically today. If the biggest news is Paula Bennett putting her painted toenails in her XOS mouth, not much is happening of moment.

Yesterday was interesting to me for several reasons – it was a bit eye-of-god, really. An author whom I respect, asked for some info, which tickled me somewhat – I’m not in what I do for the kudos (there are better ways of ego-flaunting than being a prophet of doom) but it is good to less alone. Then there was a clear rejection of the possibility of an article (t’was a business editor, I only asked what his upperword limit was, but he shied, mainly because he didn’t want to open the door, too many gremlins there. Ah, well, we just go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside, and choose our partners carefully.

Then, I get some feedback about a recently published article, and it’s pretty good. The lord taketh away, and the lord giveth. Then we went to the NZSO. The piano bit was good – actually they warmed into it – but I could pass on the Shostakovitch (as did Harpo Marx, I seem to recall). They showed off their technical ability with it very well, but I couldn’t help thinking it was for their enjoyment, rather than ours. I would have preferred Sheherazade…….

Actually, you could spot Eric Carmen’s (ex Raspberries) ‘All by Myself’, in the piano piece (Rachmaninof No2) – he stole it….

Better get back to the article – due Friday – rewrite 4773 stroke 3a


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