A grand day out

Talk about walk the walk… I got up after the other three had headed off to something. Work, that’s right, almost forgot. Went down the paddock with Zeb, fed the chooks and collected their contributions. Came back, tied Zeb onto his run-wire (whats wrong with this picture, Dad?)climbed on the triathlon bike, and hived off into Dunedin. It’s a fair haul from the Kilmog, 2 big hills (Mt Cargill Rd tops out at 1500ft) and I got to the Yacht Club, showered, changed, and up to a meeting at the Uni all within 2 hours.

The meeting was an Energy update – who is researching what – and some serious intellectual fire-power in the room, good fun. Baygels weren’t half bad, either….  Interesting to count 5 of our Solar Action committee there, all for non SA reasons – theres a lot of cross-pollination in these disciplines. Great to note that even Marketing was there, but not Economics…..  One wonders what they would make of it…..

Presentations included one doing genome work on Butynol, reckons all he needs is CO2, water and sunlight, and he can produce a fuel 10% less potent than oil, but which can run in existing vehicles. One tried to formulate how carbon reduction could be compatible with economic growth, which I think is shaky ground. One spoke of a successful partmership with a Local Authority, using forest waste as the fuel to replace coal as boilerfuel. Very successful, at the 4cent/kwh level. Good meeting, good natter after, and I got another article contact with that last item.

Then a scurry up the road to have a chat with an author, ended up ranging the scope, all the way from both world wars, through Gwynne Dyer, on through ‘the chrysalids’, guessing the future, trying to put it all together. A good bloke, and a good new contact.

Very mellow day. Zeb dancing on his line as we appeared, and I seemed to need a snooze (nothing to do with the bike ride, or getting older). On to plan 4a for the pelton wheel, looking at using a stepping motor, or a motorbike charging loop…  Listened to the news, but nothing up my alley, except a good interview on Nights (RNZ) re growth (Crump is leading in the reality stakes) and a very insightful Gwynne Dyer article. Rather than warn of dire things, he warns of war. Which is exactly what will happen, of course. It is just so much easier to appear rational, sane and mid-ground, when pontificating on the possibility of conflict, than saying the world is running out of oil. Ultimately, the oil leads to the war, he keeps his cred, people are at least warned, and I think he is boxing very cleverly indeed. More than one skin to way a cat…

Tomorrow an article to finish (deadline-day (I work better under pressure, and there will be more pressure tomorrow – Charlie Brown) and a catch-up with some friends who have been cruising, then an upgrade of this blog, and a look for stepping-motors if there is time. Maybe a shiraz (or 2) at the end of it all. It’s been a busy week, god knows how people who work do it all….


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