Economic Growth forecasts, and silence. The dissonance continues

I went in to see a Business Editor, about a year ago. Gave him the ‘Campbell 2004 Scenario’ graph (remarkably accurate, in hindsight) and the Deffeyes book. (Beyond the Hubbert Peak – Kenneth Deffeyes) I pointed out that the peak of energy flow had to produce the peak of work done, therefore the peak rate of economic activity. He listened, but didn’t, inasmuch as he had his ideas already, and they were …….. lets just say people like that have to be brave and informed indeed, to override the garbage they are fed daily from economists.

He had a big spread today – “now the recovery is coming”. No rationale, no refuting my stuff, no investigation ….. but offering wish-lists as fact. The human race, or at least the western culture part of it, may not survive if people like him don’t get it soon.

I went to a lecture (kind of one) on Friday, to do with the ‘reforms’ of the electricity supply. A perfectly nice fellow, but when you analysed what he had been doing these last few years, he’d been pimping for large electricity consumers, nothing more….. Tried to show that the efficiencies had been of benefit – but made no reference to the dividends sent offshore….. We’ve a ways to go…..

Great day here today, I’ve tidied up some loose writing ends, will do some Masters Games organisation stuff, and a bit of garden prep. Strangely enough, a less pressured week.


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