cash for clunkers or ‘trickle-upwards’

Obama’s ‘cash for clunkers’ progrmme, is a way to move wealth from the poor to the rich. Taxpayers are footing the bill, manufacturers (shareholders) and sellers are the winners. This who are buying the cars, are funding themselves via their taxes…… The EROEI (Energy Return on Energy Invested) is demonstrably not there – by the time the ‘more efficient’ car has gone far enough to pay off the energy involved in it’s manufacture, it is in the scrap-yard itself. The difference in fuel-consumption is not big enough, and it fails completely, to address the issues of total consumption. Meaning, 10 efficient cars will still out-thirst 5 guzzlers. Better address population……but it’s too late, the oil goes scarce before any population decree has an effect.


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