The funding for enviroschools has been removed, hardly surprising with the idealogues currently in power. They only see money as the goal, indeed as the total social panacea. Unfortunately, that regime (interestingly dinned into the Key followers since Prebble and Douglas diverted the education emphasis to monetarism) is going nowhere from here on, and w have to ready the next generation for their reality.

That reality is that they will have to fund the debt – the environmental debt – which our generation failed to honour, and they will have to do so with less resources, less options. This is what Enviroschools were about – preparing kids for their reality. Of course, you have to be in denial to be in denial – so hard to argue with these people.

Probably, the dedicated will continue it unfunded, and it will be too little, too late. Why?  Read the last post, and put the Birol comments in context. Any ‘recovery’ will be short-lived, and has to come up against a lowered ceiling. Two, three years, and it will be undeniable – then watch the crap hit the fan…..

Sorry kids, we’ll keep doing our best….


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