John Key. Employing teenagers. Nonsense

I worked in a Work Skills Development Programme, in the early ‘eighties. We were paid to teach ‘work skills’, clock on at 8, take ten minute, 30 minute, and ten minute breaks, then clock off at 4.30. We had the problem, even then, of displacing real workers in a finite system. What we quickly found, was that we needed to teach literacy, budgeting skills, social interface (landlord/HP/police/family/peer) skills, and self-esteem, after which the work ethic might – just might – be relevant. The things we hid, under ‘job number so-and-so….!

This effort will go the same way – same smallness of mind, sold to the same small moral-majority minds. Training for what? This generation would have been better with Enviroschools……. more appropriate, given what is coming….


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