Malcolm MacPherson Peter Chin Tongan Ferries

What have Malcolm MacPherson, Peter Chin and pacific infrastructure got in common? Everything. Energy will get more expensive, so get used to it, Malcolm. Elecrticity will be used to replace oil, any way it can, but the proviso is that the fiscal systems which trade things may not continue intact, and it is unclear what the industrial demand will be, post peak. Or whether the system will remain coherent. This is only 3 to 5 years away at most, and may be anytime soon.

This ties in with Peter Chin’s wee outburst, but 2 years ago, I challenged him in the ODT letters to the editor, about ignoring information given, and he duck-shoved. Appropriate, really, considering what is landing on him.

And John Key wants to look at Pacific vessels – but they are infrastructure of the maintenance-needing kind, and will suffer more with time. We have already outrun the ability of the planet to supply the resources to underwrite and maintain what exists, in it’s current form. Maintenance of much infrastructure is being fudged or put on hold now, and the effort required to get back to where you were gets greater with each passing month. Chin (or at least the DCC) is/are in that boat – deferring anything they could in the Council-owned Companies, so as to get the cash-flow for the Stadium. They will never get it back.

From here on in, It will be ‘triage’, save what you need most, save what you can, alter what may be useful, and junk the rest. Again, a 3 to 5 year window, perhaps less. Once others get a handle of the reality of oil nett exports, depletion rates, and demand curves, all bets are off. All hands to the pumps, so to speak. Go solar, Malcolm, while you still can.

We use oil at the rate which would require 1000 slaves each, to do us the equivalent work, and we’re past peak supply. I know it is a popular vote-catcher to holler for lower power prices, but all your constituents have taken too much each already, they stole it from the next generation, so the current generation has absolutely no right to complain about current generation.

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