Nick Smith restructuring Ministry for the Environment criminal

No other word describes it. Nick Smith has failed to learn from history. The restructuring of the Minisrty for the Environment is a ‘commons’ problem, and we have 200 years of thought going down that track. The consensus is that you can’t value the unvaluable – let me put that better – you can’t put a price on the priceless. So it is with landscapes, vistas, and whether the Hectors dolphin survives. Prove me wrong – put a value on them. Do you add up the Grahame Sydney paintings of the Hawkduns, ascertain their collective value, and rate the view of the mountains on that? Bollocks.

Some – many – things are beyond value. Priceless. In a finite world, and a finite country, there are only so many wild rivers, so many dolphins, so many wetlands, so many mountain vistas. They must be left alone, because sooner rather than later, there wont be any left. To understand why, you have to get your head around exponential growth (compound interest applied to the physical landscape) and I suggest you start by googling Professor Albert Bartlett, and the Exponential Function. That will give you an understanding of how it is that there are proposals to ‘develop’ so much of the remaining country all of a sudden, and why those who wish to do the expanding, had to decimate the Ministry for the Environment, water-down the RMA, and have done so by putting Treasury types in there.

Tim Groser is doing tha same to the Department of Conservation, of course. Trying to put a value on everything – commodifying, if you will  – which is exactly the goose/commons problem. We will sell the commons, then what? There too, they run into the growth/doubling-time thing. Meaning that they would hit the wall with more momentum – why not apply the brake while there is time to alter your trajectory? Stupid. It will be a near-run thing, but the roller-coaster will probably be on the next down withing 3 years, you’d have to feel sorry for them if they weren’t so environmentally and socially arrogant.

Interestingly, as those who read my blog will know, they won’t get to where they want to go, because of the laws of thermodynamics. Physics is of course, a real study of real things. Economics, is an artificial man-made house of cards, related to nothing. Physics will win – proof being that  even the richest person dies. There is not the energy left on the planet to indulge in activity beyond the level we got to in 2008, and as time goes on, the level available will dwindle. To know more, google EROEI (energy return on energy invested) and the import model, as discussed on The Oil Drum. So a lot of those ‘developments’ won’t get off (over?) the ground, and very soon they will be applying triage to the wish-list, soon after which they will be triaging the existing infrastructure. Timescale? Penny drops withing three years (as in, they won’t be able to hide it any more) fuel unavailable in NZ (unless rationed) withing 10 years. Sounds absurd? Do your homework. Maths and physics are unchallengeable.

So, don’t waste time, Nick. Some of us (if things don’t go Mad Max) will be writing the histories, and your current stance comes inder D for dickhead. It would be a sad epitaph. Someone should ask him the question: How many doublings (see Albert Bartlett, it’s the squares on the chessboard/grains thing) of impact can he see ahead? and does he thing stopping (given that it will happen in a finite topography) is better sooner than later?

Let the obfusucation cease. And where’s the media in all of this? Too many (privately and collectively) with a vested interest in growth, via mortgages or dreams, seems to . We will now get an intelligent – but entirely useless – dissertation on the make, sizes and suitability of the lifejackets. The audience is clinging to the rail.


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