Nine to Noon – that’s how you do it

Awesome interview of Tim Groser, and Jeanette Fitzsimmons. The main thing that became clear is that Groser buys, and understands, the science. So we can forget the Rodney Hide obfuscation – that’s history. Groser sounded like the brain in Cabinet, now he just has to get his head around the finite resource, end of growth thing, and he’ll be there. Oh, and keep his corporate mates off the Conservation estate.

Jeanette was her ususl, gracious, informed self. The thing I disagree with her about, is the thing about buying fuel-efficient vehicles, and forcing folk to do so. The cash-for-clunkers deal doesn’t work, because of EROEI. The energy invested in building a new car (6 tons of crude, give or take) has to be made up in the difference between the new car’s efficiency, and that of the one it replaces. That typically means it has to go 300,000 km or more, which many don’t. Futrther, those new cars won’t go the distance because we are well into constraint, rationing or total absence of fuel supply, long before they get to 300,000 at 15,000 per year. We are better running out the current stock, as we get public transport together.

Otherwise, she was on the money – so to speak. I’m guessing she knows, but can’t say, that ‘the economy’ hasn’t a snowball’s chance in a thunderstorm of surviving, due to peak energy supply, not climate.

Still and all, a great interview. Full Marx. Sorry Harpo

Post Rod Oram postcript: I wonder if Oram ‘gets it’, but has decided that it isn’t worth putting the frights on Joe Average. What he touts gives hope, at the same time as pointing folk in the most appropriate direction. Probably the best way, the only achilles heel to it is that it happens too slow, because you can’t impart the urgency without causing the panic.

Ah, well, best get back to the real writing, or my productivity will not be gaining…..


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