Tim Groser Hectors Dolphins Witch-Dunking (no ducks left)

Recently, knowing this was coming, I wrote in an OP/ED piece in the ODT, that if we have to wait until a species goes extinct to prove that it would do so, then we haven’t progresed much past the illogic of witch-dunking. Or was that ducking?  Perhaps more appropriate, in the case of Tim Groser.

One of the first – perhaps the only – things you have to do to see if you are going backwards or fowards in the protection of a species, is to monitor numbers.

So, knowingly (and two blogs down I acknowledge Groser’s intellect) Groser has removed the only reference-point, the only yardstick to see whether measures are succeeding, or failing.

How much of a donation to the National Party coffers did that cost you, Fishing Industry?

Groser’s actions raise the question – we still elevate our status above other animals, perhaps a religious hang-over, and thus we differentiate between murder (us) and cruelty (murder of animals).

Given that we now have the ability, as a species, to annihilate all species on the planet, including our own, we have assumed the responsibility for all species, the responsibilities we once (in more ignorant times) offset to Gods.

Groser, in my book, has abdicated that responsibility as delegated by us to whoever is  Minister of Conservation.

He is setting himself up to be labelled ‘murderer’. Three strikes and you’re out, Tim.


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