Meridian Energy Genesis Energy only robbing peter to pay peter

We have to remember who is in power here, and what their ideology is. “No privatisation in the first term”, is a problem for them now, as they champ at the bit. The way to sell the concept, is to tout cheaper prices for consumers.

This won’t happen. Ever. Get used to it. Energy is a dwindling resource planet-wide, where oil can be replaced with electricity, it will.

What has happened, is that corporate profit-think has only regarded the short term, and much like rail, the infrastructure has notched backwards in maintenance terms. That is a law of exponentially increasing cost, with time. Eventually, that graph places replacement ahead of repair, and the longer you put off repair, the closer the replacement.

Oil supply is still key to this, but in another manner – repair and replacement need vehicular and manufacturing use of the oil, which you are concurrently (sorry, puns are 2 much fun) attempting to replace. A pending double-whammy, as it were.

Currently, we own Meridian Energy, and Genesis Energy. Who cares if they charge too much? The dividends come straight back to us. Break them up, and you have only one outcome – privatisation. Which means the dividends go to private pockets, and eventually to overseas ones. A loss to the country, in nett terms.

The time is nearly right for private consumers to band together and negotiate a deal, rebalancing the moves that have gone on in recent times – where big consumers negotiated deals at the expense of smaller consumers. Corporate types call that a readjustment, but this is just an ideology thing. Business activity is ancillary to people, and it is the failure to understand this that is the failure of the ‘market’ types. Phil Goff is as guilty as David Caygill, and as the current Government, in this.

Sooner or later, the thinking of those of us who contemplate powering down, is that you have a scrap over ownership of food, water and energy. If democracy survives, you outvote the privateers, and repossess the asset. It’s called Nationalisation (ironic, eh?) and can be done by buying – as with rail – or by decree. Given where I think we are going, the latter is the more likely – privateers be warned.

If democracy fails, all bets are off. Not that money would be much use at that point….

And a note for Morning Report – Keith Turner is a vested interest, in a very big way. Perhaps you should make that clear, before you question him?


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