Clive Matthew-Wilson, sense, nonsense, Economic Strategy Andrew Webb Food Innovation

Interesting little half-hour on Checkpoint.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, long one of my favourite intellects, spoke on ‘cellphones in cars’, and showed he was as socially insightful, as he is in the car / energy / exponential function areas. A pity he wasn’t commenting  on the next topic – where one Andrew Webb  made some good comments, albeit more about the deckchairs than the sinking.

The topic was getting a strategy together, to co-ordinate the food export thing. Twenty years ago, it would have made commercial sense, but that concept will be irrelevant in it’s current form, within a decade. It certainly is the best defence for an unarmed country, faced with exponential global population growth, exponential consumption demands both per-head and real, and with an inevitable major scrap over exponentially scarcer resources. If we can offer food cheaper than we can be invaded…..

Webb is speaking from a place on the treadmill, of course. So many of the intelligent are. No underwriting of growth, from here on, unless it is (temporarily) via coal. Read my other blogs (peak oil / end of growth) for why.

The danger here is that this is a biotech/GE/ old woman swallowing a fly thing.We can’t keep feeding a growing populace with dwindling energy, and trying to with clever science, creates triffids instead of condoms. The condoms are the cheaper, more workable option. The science way just gets washed away in the deluge…..

That Matthew-Wilson, though…..we need to get him into a think-tank. He’s wasted appraising vehicles…..


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