Holcim plant won’t happen. Environment Court failed in it’s duty

It was unsurprising to hear the desision on the Holcim plant, at Weston near Oamaru. The feeling that there were movers and shakers in the background, was always there. The other point, is the one I make in my op/ed piece in the ODT. If you google ODT Vote Lorax for Prime Minister, you’ll find it. Essentially, big corporates can buy up the ‘expert witmesses’ in any discipline, and that is what the Court takes notice of.

That said, it won’t happen. Readers of my ‘end of growth’ blogs will know that we are well through the last great doubling-time of them all. The mass of dam, development and project proposals, are staggering in their cumulative size – which is what you expect of the last exponential growth heave. This is going on all over the world, and there isn’t the energy left to drive them all. Period.

On Checkpoint, it appears the Environment Court decided that Economic Growth was desirable, so therefore so was Holcim. If so, they failed to address the needs of future generations, failed to ascertain growth, failed period. While that makes them representative of western thinking (if you can call it that) it doesn’t make them right. They are the only safeguard, and nine times out of ten, it’s not so much that they dropped the ball, as that they failed to pick it up in the first place. I will read the decision, and maybe do an opinion piece on it, although I doubt it will change anything…


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