Peter Gluckman (Sir/Professor) Chief Science Advisor

What a thought-provoking Nine-to-noon interview of Professor Sir (is that the way to say it?) Peter Gluckman. An interesting Key choice indeed, and reminds one of Obama and Stephen Chu. Gluckman clearly has a grasp of ‘The Commons’, and it is a rare long time since I can recall that incision at that level – freely expressed, at least.

He is, however, an advisor. Not, as he was at pains to point out, a policy-maker. The question is now, whether he will be listened to, or whether he will be the token ‘consultation’ for placatory reasons, after which a Scott type Treasury will do what it wants, puppet to the fore.

The other question I have, is more fundamental, and visitors here will have no trouble guessing it: Will he address the need to end growth, before it ends us? Or will he turn out to be one who backs science to pull us out of the next fire and the next – the old woman and the fly stuff. I hope he’s better than that. He sounds promising, and anyone who gets ‘the commons’  is OK by this old goose.


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