John Key Kevin Rudd security energy anzac China

So now our John Key knows what Kevin Rudd has known for a while – China wants resources, and if you don’t sell them to her cheap, she will, sooner than later, come and take them. He reminds me of those little European counrties, each one scared of Hitler….. each leader too soft, too in denial, too lacking in decisiveness.

China (and our leaders now) know that this is the resource end-game. No prisoners, two of every three don’t make it. Rudd has bought time, by selling gas cheaper than he can be invaded. He will buy armaments with the proceeds – age of empires, lesson one. Elisabeth the first, ditto. We were always part of the scenario, even if only a side-issue to mop up afterwards. Now, and it’s probably for the better, we will be part of the stoush.The bigger one will likely be the USA versus China, and that wouldn’t be pretty…..

We won’t talk of this at home, though. We’ll talk of growth, and trashing the RMA, and slashing the public service, and of private-public partnerships. BAU. Makes you weep, really.  And Peak oil was last year.


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