no point repeating, no chance of beating, read this….

Sometimes you stumble on something that encapsulates much of what you were on about, and does it so much better. This is the essence of where things are going. The disbelievers are folk like Jim Mora, and like the Business team at RNZ, like Tim Hunter and the team at The Sunday Star Times business section, Dene McKenzie and the Business section of the Otago Daily Times. Like Peter Chin, Mayor of Dunedin. And a host of – one could confidently say the mast majority of – commentators and leaders in New Zealand.

They should all try this:

Even if these guys are out by a factor of two, ten or twenty, doesn’t matter. That would only stave off the unfolding events for a very short while. Exponential growth in anything works that way, so sorry, it’s immutable.

It’s what I’ve been saying for some time now – that the way we discuss things like smacking, even climate change, is a total waste of time compared to what’s coming.


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