Money vs Morals. Palm kernels, Fonterra, Federated Farmers, and ethics

There was a Sunday Theatre a couple of weeks back – a fellow had accessed and bought some child-porn. His wife  threw the argument at him that if nobody did what he did, there would be no market for the porn, and the children would not be abused. She’s right, of coures. Totally correct.

Which means that the comments from Fonterra on Morning Report, and from Lachlan McKenzie of Fererated Farmers, are just as weak as the child-porn buyer’s one. “It was already there”, ” it’s just a business option”, or the Lorax classic – “I’m doing no harm”.

Actually, it’s an ethics thing, a straight-out morals issue, and buying PKE or Palm Kernel Expeller, is just supporting the business of rainforest degradation. In other words, It’s visiting – as I’ve said before – a debt on the next generation, because of our tight-arsed  approach (read: greedy) in this one.

I look for the rank and file of Federated Farmers, and to the shareholders of Fonterra (same people) to make a principled stand.  Haha. Ha.

ps. Didn’t Fonterra’s John Hutchings sound like a dick. Not fair, of course – he’s just doing his job, has to pay his mortgage…….  ethics and money, eh?


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