ECO-INNOVATION on nine to noon

I’ve got one of Michael’s manuals here, and two smart-drive units. We’ve been thinking pelton-wheel for years – having a head of 60 ft, and a flow of 2-3 litres/sec in winter, and a can-dry-up-once-every-ten-years in summer.

We’ve succesfully spun our wheel with a stepping motor atop, and suspect 800 rpm (two old petrol-heads, pers com) .

Now we are re-configuring for a smart-drive, and looking to switch coils in and out. On-demand load change, in other words.  All good fun.


One Response

  1. Speaking of SmartDrives and power generation, when do you want to do something about your charging circuit on the microhydro?

    Ph oh3 473 oh995
    Mob oh21 100 9568
    or email jensandadrianne at ihug dot co dot nz

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