Lockerbie Scotland United States compassion or hang-em-high

What a clear-cut division between covilisation, and the lynching-mob. The Scots have the largesse to let a dying man go. What an example. The Yanks, in contrast, just want blood. Interesting to note the religious intensity in the American mix too – it’s no coincidence.

What Americans have to understand, is that their consumption of other folk’s resources creates resentment. Hell, more than that, it creates despair. The folks who are repressed and disposessed (like the Nigerian folk Ken Saro-Wiri died championing) , see America as the terrorist. Not unnaturally.

That’s who the Trade Towers were hit – they epitomised all that was rapacious and evil, when viewed from the receiving end. Meaning that all those pathetic flag-wavers post 9/11 missed the point entirely. Put it to them, and you’d get disbelief, and indignation. Id call it religious intolerance, religious arrogance, religious…….neber mind.

Good on you Scotland. That was an already no-win situation, and you showed all that is good – make that great – about humankind.


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