Funny old day

Quite mellow today. I got the big garden clipped/chopped and carpet-squared, it’s such a nice place to be, chooks picking over the turned-over beds, Dog waiting to catch the next sod in mid-flight, hawk thermalling overhead (our shoulder is the resident NW thermal) and the big long sausage lenticulars sitting there like zeppelins. Days like this, I wouldn’t swap with anyone, anywhere. Somewhere over the hill, officefuls of drones ar shifting paper – most importantly.

Who cares? Who will remember in ten years? In five? In one?

Then we (Zeb and I) cleared some more space along under the Leylandiis, (they’re a cypress like macrocarpa) and set it up as another firewood drying space – just another link in the chain.

Tomorrow I drop a catamaran in to a disabled activities exhibition, teach a class of youngsters about pulleys, pick the catamaran back up, pick up the new centreboard mold, see if I can get a bit further down the smart-drive track for the pelton wheel. Great life really. I try to think of a down-side. Maybe the comment-interchange I had on another blog would be the low – if that it was. Fellow was gunning for the man, rather than the ball, but I’m too old, too polite, and too well brought up to go there. Besides, if he’d just settled down, we could have had a fun debate. He couldn’t, we didn’t. Not sure whether to feel envious of folk like that,  but I think not. I’d rather know than hide….

It will be interesting to see it all unfold – if they rev things up, and hit the supply constraints again, and in what timescale. I wonder what happens to the debts – national local and private – will they default and lose to ? the banks? Who will pick the assets up? With what? For what?

I was talking to an old local yesterday, musing that we had had the best of it, in spades. Not only that, we might be privileged enough to see the end-game as well. How special. I’m going to record the chooks with their heads missing – all the arrogant, denying, confident, yeah, hope I live deep into enough into it to record it, and that there is someone left who can spare the time to read it.

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