Alan Bollard and the myth of growth

Poor fellow. Alan Bollard is between a rock and a hard place. He has to continue the soothing tones, or he will ititiate chaos. Even so, all he can do is stave it off. A bit like getting people into too-few lifeboats, without panicking those who can’t get a seat.

If Jenny Morel’s comments about solar energy (nine to noon) mean that Bollard also understands, then what we are hearing is spin. There is, however. a cognitive dissonance endemic in western middle-classes, which is in denial about what Gerry Brownlee (rightly) called a ‘global energy crisis’, and which will not confront the implications. Bollard may be part of that – I have many friends who have bought the philosophy, worked hard (or more accurately, invested a goodly proportion of their lives to date – and who don’t want to know it was for nought (or at least, for less) and are otherwise quite clever folk. Bit like Bill English – smart enough, but if everyone followed his lead, we would be heading for a tripling of world population – clearly a horse-shit goal.

One of the reasons Bollard and others talk like , is that we now have a generation of perfectly nice, well-meaning media commentators = like Tim Hunter, Dene McKenzie, Nat Radio Business – who have been trained in ‘economics’. Economics as it is currently taught, does not take into account the concepts of finite resources and exponential growth,. As a result, it is a flawed temporary construct – and inevitably had to fail. readers here will understand you can’t underwrite exponential growth forever – you need an infinite planet, and it would have to have been (appropriately) flat.

I feel sorry for Bollard – but he could still be man enough to tell it like it is.


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