an Emissions Trading Scheme – yeah right.

It has to be understood, that there isn’t the carbon sink on the planet, to absorb (or adsorb) the carbon we are releasing. Dumb bunnies think (think?) that the chemistry of the planet was always conducive to us as a species, but this is not so. For long periods it wasn’t.

We have been too successful, and have gone into population overshoot – by a factor of three – on the back of the extraction of  long-stored fossil fuels. That won’t continue, as I’ve said here before.

The idea of somehow buying ‘carbon credits’ from ‘somewhere else’ is horseshit – unless you look at it as a fiscal way of repressing the third-world, forcing them to be a mass uncullable forest. I guess that’s one way of expressing ‘survival of the fittest” as we reduce by 2/3 the global population.

The whole charade is a little akin to arging about where the deckchairs will be placed, to get the best of tomorrow’s sun. The ship won’t be floating on the morrow, so the discussion is not the right one to be having. Given that the fiscal system can’t outsurvive the end of growth, it won’t be there in it’s current form to trade upon – so why set up a system to do so?

We simply need to legislate to reduce, then eliminate our carbon pollution, but we are too selfish to do so, and we have the vote. We choose to drive our cars, and hamstring our children. Wonderful us. Ans we think of ourselves as the high-point of civilisation?  I guess there’s precedent on a local scale – Rome, fiddling and burning come to mind. Same thing really, dissonance, denial, consultation of oracles/economists. Heck, when National Radio quotes a ‘business optimism’ survey, and extrapolates that to  project a 3% rise in business activity – you’re in trouble as a society. They’re meant to be the best – imagine the nonsense by the time you get down to talk-back level.

And they all get a vote……….we’re buggered……

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  1. Yep

    I find it helpful to think of it as having terminal cancer. That makes it personal and individual, so that it’s possible to come up with a response. There’s no point trying to respond to the end of civilisation, we’re not equipped to think that large. Confusion, inertia and being overwhelmed is the only response to something that big, which isn’t very useful.

    If I was diagnosed with a terminal disease, I’d live out my remaining days as peacefully and harmoniously as possible, doing the things I love with the people I love, while reducing the harm I cause as much as possible.

    So that’s what I’m doing.

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