I sent the following to RNZ NEWS today……..

Folks, this is getting tedious.

Get a hold of Associate Professor Bob Lloyd, Energy Studies, Otago University

Ask him if you can have economic activity (work) without energy. You can’t – it’s an immutable law of thermodynamics.

That means that if the world energy supply peaked, the amount of work do-able peaked too. There is strong evidence that the peak was in mid-2008.

Sure, you can have efficiencies, but they follow a law of diminishing returns.

It’s a short bow to draw, that this means we will never return to mid-2008 levels of economic activity, even surer because much of that was underwritten by wishful-thinking (elevated ‘valuing’ of existing tangibles backing debt).

This is why it was the Minister of Energy, leading the ‘mining on Conservation land’ charge. The story wasn’t the land, it was his “the world is approaching an energy crisis” remark. He’s in panic mode – you can’t maintain ‘business as usual’ with a dwindling (and contested) energy supply. That was your real story. What trucks your produce, to where, along what?

Economics does not teach ‘the exponential function’, finite limits, or an end to growth. It is, therefore, a temporary construct.

By continually reporting these folk, without ascertaining whether they speak the truth, you do reportage a disservice. To do so when you have been told of an alternative possibility (and continuing to fail to investigate it) is propaganda.

I co-chair an energy lobby-group called Solar Action, but Prof Lloyd is your man.

We need to be asking: what next? The only certainty is that it won’t be business as usual.

Come on you lot – this is the biggest story ever. We have gotten to where we are by extracting the energy stored over millions of years – in a 200 year blip.

Never to be repeated.

Below, I show what they investigated, and reported on the matter. Don’t you worry, though, they reported a ‘confidence survey’. Now that’s got to have a basis in …..what?   Facts, folks, truths, things like that. Let’s be having them.  There is, of course, nothing below…..


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