David Cunliffe Russell Norman Banking enquiry waste of time

Two well-meaning fellows, but sooooo misguided. This is where the ‘Left’ gets it wrong, inasmuch as they are (were) all about getting a fair share of the cake for the less well-off.  That presupposed enough cake, and when the movement started, there was no thought that the cake might be limited.

To waste time worrying abut whether banks take too much of the cake, is in essence ignoring the glaring truth that there isn’t enough anymore, to go round.

It may be populist, and garner votes, but that just says that the voters are less informed than they should be.

As readers here know, I’m fully convinced that the fiscal system can’t outsurvive the end of physical growth, and I would have looked to those two to be the soapbox-warners. This is fiddling while Rome burns. Rome, of course, ran out of resources to expand into, in fact, there is an argument that they ran straight into the EROEI problem . They did fall from 1.5 million, to 15000 , after all, and it can’t just have been the lead pipes.


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