POPULATION and a little op/ed in today’s ODT

I take my hat off to the Otago Daily Times. Sometimes (and the Editor and others would concur) I see things I think should be reported, go unreported, and my ever-present frustration at social inertia get unleashed on them.

To be honest, it’s sometimes a fair critique. Today, however, they published an op/ed  I never in a million years thought they would – on global population, and the need to address same.

Well done, Mr Kirkness and his team. That raises them well above the denial pack..

For the article, google: ODT online , then ‘biggest crisis facing the planet is in the numbers’.  Or you could click on ‘opinion’, and look for the same heading.

I’ll give them their day or two, then load it here, along with about 20 others……

Have a great day – just don’t have too many kids…….


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