ODT Page 2 , Syd Brown, Professor Wayne Cartwright, social dyslexia

What a wee classic. Page two, ODT, Friday. Did they do it purposely?

There is a ‘City Leaders hail link with Brisbane’ article about Pacific Blue and a new flight between Brisbane and Dunedin. The ‘leaders appear to be Syd Brown, Tourims Dunedin’s Hamish Saxton, and John McCall, chief exec at Dunedin Airport. All think it a great thing.

Directly below – and I’m going to cut the pair out and frame them – is an article about a book release from Sustainablle New Zealand , and quoting one Professor Wayne Cartwright (the editor) in some depth. I won’t quote the article here – it’s online I presume (and lifted from NZPA) but the contrast with the ‘new flight’ article is a dichotic as they come.

One of those philosophies is right, one is wrong, and I’ll give you the tip, Syd, you’re on the wrong end of the boomerang.

The book is apparently called Strong Sustainability for New Zealand , is 50 pages long, and is from Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand – a ‘think-tank’.  I know them not, but the sentiment about culling the current crop of ‘leaders gets no argument here. Some of my recent op/ed’s have been suggesting the very thing…..

Thanks to the ODT person who juxtaposed the two, quite made my day.


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