ODT Straterra Richard Michael more mental dyslexia

Richard Michael, chief executive of Straterra, (the industry group representing New Zealand’s natural resources sector – read; mining) had a wee piece in the ODT op/ed’s today. He, of course, is paid to tout.

The gist of his spiel is well-trod, even hackneyed. “We’re not looking at much (unspoken:”this round”) and it’ll be great for ‘jobs’, and for ‘the economy’. At least he didn’t say “going forward”.

He missed the EROEI argument, and the sequestration issue, and put on the kid-gloves when dealing with ‘the greenies’. All of which ignores the bigger elephant in the room – the debate folk like me are trying to get on the table. He states it, but doesn’t address it.

Try this:

” Natural resources underpin all economic activity in the world”.    then  ” It’s a fact that New Zealand’s massive untapped resources have the potential to provide a major boost to New Zealand’s economic growth”.

Put it together, Richard. As Rudyard Kipling would have said “How long, how long?”

You don’t even get there, if my homework into global energy supplies is half-way accurate. If global energy has peaked, so too has global economic growth, at least in real terms (they can print and de-value money, of course)

So who are you hoping to export what to, to make how much, again?

Societal collapse is more likely, sadly, before his scenario  plays out it’s first act. Why can’t folk live within their means? Inter-generationally, as well as individually?


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