Labour Phil Goff RMA – shame on you, you are now irrelevant

Shame on you Phil Goff. Hackoff. That support was a giant step backwards, in the direction of  oblivion. See my article ‘The end of Labour (an op/ed in the ODT, a year ago) for where I stand on this. The remaining physical environment is now under greater threat, and Councils have the discretion to bury the announcement. Then you can’t join in something if you find out about it. Great Stuff.

Labour had one chance to re-invent itself, but chose to go Goff/conservative, essentially buying the continued economics hogwash. Their juniors?  Caygill junior? Unlikely. Too little lead-time left, and too little insight.

From here on, they only need to look to oil prices to watch their folly unfold. If there is a rev-up of economic activity – which Goff thinks is a GOOD THING, the scarcity of supply will raise the price, truckies will protest the world over, and the bubble will burst again. How many repetitions are required before the penny drops (metaphorically, the real penny will devalue, nothing surer) in Labour – indeed any – curcles?

The best safeguard against degradation now, will be lack of fuel to do the damage – a sad comment on our lack of maturity as a society.


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