NZ MEDIA cognitive dissonance, or???

I’ve sent off a couple of things in the last day or so. One was a ‘Letter to the Editor’ to the ODT, the other a piece on EROEI to a business editor (no name at this point).  The letter one asked Gerry Brownlee some questions – and in the normal course of events, they would refer it to the Minister, and advise me of that action. Nothing yet. Hmmmmmm.

The other is a denier. Simple as that. Nice fellow? Probably. Good citizen? Probably too, by the usual yardsticks. Denial of the energy message though, by someone in his position, is a little like keeping those steerage passengers locked up, as the Titanic foundered. Meaning he has a duty to report truths to his readers, and give them the realities to base their moves upon. This one almost certainly won’t get there. An acknowledged ‘investor’, he has (and the common derivative is no coincidence) a vested interest – in the system continuing up and up. Understandably hard for one in that position to be objective.

The annoying thing is that he allows provable horseshit, but that goes with the territory. I’m guessing there will be just a deafening silence from there……..

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