Phil Goff National Lite

Phil Goff. What a pathetic, grey, gutless, gormless excuse.

He’s going National Lite. Populist. With three years tops till we see dislocation, and a decade at most of driving cars, he is talking ‘jobs’ and ‘the economy’, and worrying about interference. To give him his due, he has always been that way, and it should come as no surprise that someone who was comfortable with Douglas/Prebble, would go that way. Reminds me of another mediocrity who’s name I can’t remember – yes I can – Clive Mathewson. Similar styles – namely, out of touch, slightly arrogant, higher opinion of self than warranted – in my humble opinion, you understand.

Russel Norman had a go at him, but there may be more in this for the Greens than for Labour. The thinking tail of Labour will become increasingly disenchanted with Goff, in the same timeframe (3 years) that Brownlee’s pidgies come home to poop on the perch. Meaning – as those who read here know, that the energy depletion rates will be hitting home to such an extent that (if America hasn’t gone to war with China by then) no incumbent old-school Government will cut the mustard. Nornan may be savvy enough by then to pick them up – somebody will.

People are not entirely stupid, and soon it will become too obvious – the dream carrot cannot be offered and accepted forever – the donkey knows when it is dying of starvation.

Meantime, Goff gets away with it (as does Brownlee) because our media continue to fail us. Just why they unquestioningly parrot the prophesies of economists, totally unchallenged, beats me. Would you trust a driver who blacked out the windscreen, then drove by the rearview mirror? All he will see is road, not the brick wall ahead. The laws of statistics say that if you wait long enough, there will be a wall. The mirror approach means that 100% of the time, you will never be ready.

Is that the best we can do? We who think of ourselves as so superior? So advanced? But then, I look at Goff (and Brownlee) and maybe we’re not quite as advanced as we think we are. Sure, it’s a bugger for them that it’s happening on their watch, but hey, it had to happen on somebody’s. Thats the law of averages.  And average is probably the theme of the title…..


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