Greenpeace Federated Farmers Palm Oil

There is a line from an old song – was it Pete Seager penned it? – ‘when will they ever learn?’

Every social upgrade inevitably will challenge the existing regime. There is no other possibility. The new idea – be it wonen’s right to vote, racial equality, public health, will start as a minority, grassroots movement, will groundswell, and eventually if it is correct, will triumph.

It is also inevitable that the existing regime will represent the outdated way of thinking, and will succumb.

A classic example was had in New Zealand, with apartheid. The grassroots groundswell made it to 50%, and grannies took to the streets. Muldoon didn’t do it, and the breaking wave overtook him. The idea of a world without that wonderful statesman (Mandela, not Muldoon) being freed, and that abhorrent regime overturned, doesn’t  bear thinking about.

Thus it is with the current Greenpeace protest. Sure, it’s ‘illegal’, but it simply has the moral high ground. On that basis, it will ultimately prevail. We should do our bit, by not supporting Fonterra, but that is a little harder that boycotting Cadbury’s. Fonterra interestingly, has more problems than that on it’s plate, probably indicative of moral bankrupt cy also – Sanlu being another example.

John Key was presumably ‘spinning’ last night, mentioning that it was ‘only 1%’. So what? It’s not how much (of what yardstick exactly?) but whether.

Federated Farmers has been looking more and more like a dinosaur to me over recent years, but that may be that I’m accelerating, rather than that they are slowing. Ultimately, this debate will be overtaken by the bigger one (that I mention often) and the need to address fuel issues will occupy farmer’s conciousnesses, perhaps at the expense of all else. At that point, palm products of any hue will be off the menu.

What amazes me is that we never learn. At every change, we have to go through the protest/arrest/accepted mainstream/change/locked-in process. When will we ever learn?

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