Education – fact or fiction Anne Tolley?

Two things about education cuts. One is the question of what we’re educating our youngsters for. The other is whether the aims of the Minister Anne Tolley are on the right track.

They are not. There is a fundamental (and that is the significant word) reason for this – the whole philosophy behind the government thinking at the moment is ‘economic growth’. That in turn requires them to think interms of producing ‘bricks in the wall’, or cogs in the machine.

The demand for this is simply going to change, and so completely that business and economics degrees are going to be pretty much irrelevant. We have to educate the children as to what they can really expect, and that training is best done by Enviroschools, by science, and an understanding of history.

Tolley is but a small wheel in a doctrine – a faith based idea – which has already had it’s day. Sure it is all-pervading now. When Business on National Radio twice in a week starts off with “An economist believes”…… where is the fact? Where is the truth? Any investigation?   This is like reporting a sermon as fact – without checking anything out .

There are two states – to be informed, or to be ignorant. I did three lectures on Friday – one at Physics for a couple of hours – John Peet disserting on money and resources, then an hour listening to Rod Oram, then two more hours with a retired Prof of Geology (Australia State Uni) on Climate Change. Six hours of learning – great stuff.

Our current Cabinet, I suspect, are six hours behind me – if Bill English’s little effort in the ODT is any indication. Looks like we have to hit the ceiling one more time, before it all sinks in.

Meantime, lets give those kids a rounded education – a real grounding for life. Social skills. A pathway to personal happiness. An understanding of how to keep getting educated.


2 Responses

  1. Howdy,
    Was reading your piece on last thurs ODT over b’fast and was impressed to learn that there is a fellow Tod reader in the area! Your explanation of EROEI was the best I read in the mainstream media such as ODT. While I don’t agree totally with the EROEI, cos I am more Emergy kind of a guy, and I don’t think (active) solar, power generation in particular, will not be the answer, precisely because of EROEI (curious that you did not mention the EROEI for the solar power generation in the article), it was great to read your article in the ODT, and I had to tell you that.
    Thanks, and keep up with your action.
    All the best,

  2. I disagree that business and economics degrees will soon be irrelevant, unless I add the caveat ” at least the way they are taught now”. The capture of our universities by business interests, at the expense of more pure research, is at the heart of many of our problems. We progressives lost the war at the university level back in the eighties, and we’re still paying the price today.

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