SAS to Afghanistan. Follow the yellow (black) brick road

There’s oil in them thar hills. No, not in Afghanistan. The rest of the Middle East, though, and if you are the biggest user of it (25%) in the world, it becomes important to secure your lines of supply. On top of that, and I mean on top of that, there is the Halliburton/Chevron/Cheney/Rice tie-up, and the Bush/House of Saud link.  Bin laden’s older brother Salem, for instance, had money put into Bush’s firm Arbusto (yeah, right), so we are dealing with close ties, power, money and belief. And fallouts, and poker.

The Saudi Royal Family financed the Taliban, rejected Bin Laden’s offer to be their military defender, and rely on oil money to stay tenured. Work it out. They needed America onside, will fall without, but America is two things – a nation, and a corporate juggernaut without conscience. An uneasy alliance with an uneasy alliance.

The Taliban/ Bin Laden/Terrorist excuse is just that – an excuse. Compared to what we (by our inaction) condone in Nigeria, Bin Laden is small bananas.

This is about control of the area, and perhaps strategically blocking a China connection. This is a Vietnam, with oil the goal, and is unwinnable – as McChrystal points out – on the same basis. John Key just did a Holyoake.

So it’s one two three, what are we fighting for, don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn, next stop is Afghanistan….or….god help me, I was only nineteen…..

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