Don Elder Gerry Brownlee coal to urea.

There went the bus. There will now be a race down to the wire, as to whether we get going, or not. Sequestering carbon is only in laboratory form at the moment. It was tried in the North Sea once, and abandoned. A trial is underway in Astralia, but no stats. Best estimates are 2:1. EROEI. So you halve the estimated quantity.

What I think we have here, is an attempt to jump into the first soft round of the ETS, then cry foul if the goal-posts shift, as they will. If we burn that coal without sequestration, our kids are dead. Even if we sequester it, they are handed a depleted world, and less options.

The nonsense that is the effort to keep on with BAU is going to be gone in 5 years – Brownlee and co have no answers, and will be gone by lunchtime. Sayonara.


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  1. The urea plant (costing $1Billion) and the lignite bricket plant (costing considerably less) may prove to be wedge operations to crack open the door for the Coal To Liquid / Transport Fuels plant (costing more like $10Billion). A mine-mouth thermal powerstation run on lignite just isn’t a runner when the competing power sources would undercut it.

    It’s difficult for anyone, including the government to fund $10Billion and it seems to be as difficult to sign up a joint venture partner for the CTL development in the current investment climate. So, what better way to keep the CTL prospect alive than a urea plant – good for dairy farmers afterall. Tick all the boxes …

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