Chris Trotter, Sue Bradford, and his quiet little spleen-vent

Chris Trotter had a little whine in Friday’s ODT, re Sue Bradford’s resignation. You can cut him some slack, I suppose. They are after all, birds of a feather, and I guess in my heart of hearts, I agree with them. It’s just that he, having identified the fact that the Greens are on a different page, didn’t work out whether their page was more important.

That is the failure of the current politico’s of both major parties, and incidentally the ODT – which thinks it is showing ‘balance’ by putting Trotter and Roger Kerr on the Friday page. Trotter is – in environmental terms, about in the middle, and a long way from where we have to go. First the species has to survive, before you worry about who will survive at which level. Given that there are three times too many folk on the planet, worrying about modes of parental punishment is a long way down the list.

So she didn’t fit, and Trotter thinks that somehow it’s because the Greens – or folk like me I guess, though I’m not aligned – are intelligensia. He misses the point, and by a country mile. I would wager that my income, year for year, has always been a good deal less than Trotters. Some years it has been zero. He doesn;t get it – this is about the habitat we need for survival of our offspring, and theirs. Money, rank and class mean as much as they did to the folk in the water aft of the Titanic’s last eddies. Diddly-squat.

The ODT managed something similar during the week – non comprende…..  They had a ‘spread’ feature on ‘sustainable living’, the idea being that those who sell things in the arena could advertise in and around the page. The object, of course, is to consume less, which would be enhanced by an absence of advertising. I’m not sure we’ll get there in time – given that they and Trotter are the comment we have…

The bigger target for Chris, if he can see the big picture, is that the remaining wealth – and real wealth won’t go beyond what ‘is’ at this point – will trickle upwards rapidly now, and the only hope he has of championing the poor, is to hope that the fiscal system collapses, which I’m sure it will. The only trouble is – after that point, I suspect all bets are off.

I wrote to him once – but silence in return. Didn’t want to know – and he’s not alone in that!


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