ACC and that cup of coffee

This ACC situation is not the result of incompetence, despite Phil Goff’s accusations. It is a carefully-orchestrated set of moves to go the privatisation way. It smacks of that pre-election Parnell cup of coffee – you just know so much more went on before, out of sight. Key is the ‘nice-boy’ face, the rest is all ‘engulf and devour’.

It’s only a deckchair to me – a socialist rather than green issue. If fiscal systems go where I suggest they will, the concepts of ‘workplace’ and ‘insurance’  will change rapidly. I guess any populace can legislate to redress any move they don’t like, so it will come back if enough people object. You don’t lock anything in place by force – it depends on the hearts and minds of the community, and to think otherwise is just arrogant.


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