Well, I’ve just made my verbal submission to the ETS proposed changes, via teleconferencing with the Select Committee. It is hard to talk when you can’t see the faces. Worse when there are no questions. And you just know that it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Ah, well, I guess it’s democracy in action – I wonder what they would have made of the fellow at the other end of the line – 300 metres of wire uncoiled through the forest – in his 12 volt off-grid house, blue overalls, sunhat and border collie…  at least I took the straw out of my mouth first….

That submission is a blog or two back, I won’t repeat it here, go fish (while you still can?)


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  1. You’re on fire today Murray!…

    The submission was definately worth it.

    All we just need a few more who care, after all… Did Gandi effect change because he was a smart, absoluely!

    But… change was only possible because he was thinking ahead of the wave and taking action before and as the wave hit… change is a critical mass thing.

    Critical mass in peoples thinking will only come from reach and frequency of the communiction.

    Look on the bright side… you won’t need to repeat yourself for the border Collie’s benefit.


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