Tolley’s (continued) Folley

I’ve mentioned this before here. An ideaology based on a false assumption (compound economic growth can continue forever) has to remove the civic ability to question that false assumption. Always, always, repressive idealogues burn all the books. Or the people.

It’s a move born of ignorance, and/or fear. I feel sorry for Tolley, as I do for Key, English and Brownlee. And Goff, Cullen, King, and all the rest. The world they all understood is morphing – into the last great ‘doubling time’ of them all.

They’re building deckchairs, I’m into lifeboat drill. The gulf is enormous, time has run out, and the next 2-5 years will be fascinating. Don’t be leveraged, that’s for sure……

Meantime, teachers will still do PE, music, and art, and I will still go and be the (voluntary) ‘expert’ on pulleys and climate change. You see, if Tolley read history, no book (or human) burning exercise ever eliminated thoughts or truths.

It’s just a pity – the new world needs Enviroschool children about a million times more than it needs budding economists. It’s just so much more sensible to deal with realities.


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