All things intertwined

John Key reins-in Rodney Hide. Fed Farmers want more cake (and less for others) fishermen want more cut, DCC looks at rubbish options,  and the Dow falters.

Yea verily, if you stand back far enough, all things connect.

The problem – as it has always been – is scarcity. Global this time. Just what will happen to the ‘wealth’ now, is an interesting question. I’m of the opinion that there is not the ‘fuelled’ time left for the USA to power her way out of debt, and on the same time-frame, I don’t think a lot of folk will get to clear their mortgages. Even now, though, ordinary middle-class kiwis are going for that new car/fridge/bathroom, and betting on tomorrow being the same as today.

What will happen to that collective debt?  The few million a week the Government is running up? The ‘sprung mortgages’ of the middle classes? The desperate re-financing of the impoverished? The share-floating of the corporates?

There are two options, both well within a five year window. Crash or Forgiveness.

Crashing, and the fiscal system we currently know, is stuffed. Forgiveness, and what is anything worth? Hard to see re-booting from either scenario.

Meaning we need local government systems in place which can service our social needs – and sorry Rodney, that includes libraries – regardless of fiscialities. (like that one?) There will be losers, lots of them. In a sinking system it is inevitable, not a lot you can do for them. For yourself – clear that debt. That’s the Achilles Heel for most.

Farmers will always eat, and we will demand they feed us locally, but that may be a problem soon. We somehow think it a given right that we can procure produce. If it gets into corporate hands, and those corporate ownerships go overseas, though, we are as vulnerable as any African state, and can simply end up as slave/peasant labour watching the stuff we produce go to someone who can afford to pay more.

Of course we’d fight, but it  only needs a government in cahoots with big business, and they use the police as a weapon to repress, and….. you have some hard choices to make.

Make no bones about it, that is where the current moves at home and abroad would take us if they are allowed to continue unchecked.

Don’t for a minute think that the attack on ‘government bureaucracy’ and local government’ are to save you dollars. It’s all about silencing the voice that might complain on your behalf, when you get shafted. Kind of like the Walrus and the Carpenter asking a question of the Oysters, ‘but answer there was none – and this was scarce surprising ‘cos – they’d eaten every one’.

Be warned. You are about to be made a lot poorer, and a lot less empowered.

Eternal vigilance I say, (better do some work….) Have a good Tuesday….


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